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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crazy Machines - Game Review

Product description from the manufacturer -
  • Create your own unique contraptions
  • Solve more than 200 challenging puzzles
  • Put your machines to work
  • Cool physics engine with air-pressure, electricity, gravity, and particle effects
  • Experiment with gears, robots, explosives, and more in your own virtual lab
We bought Austin this game for Christmas. He has really enjoyed it and I have had the pleasure of watching him explore some scientific concepts that he may have found a little overwhelming in some other formats.

Crazy Machines provides a lot of mental stimulation, problem solving skills and encourages creative thinking. It also teaches some beginning physics, mechanics, and engineering.

I've found that Austin enjoys solving the puzzles and challenges given in the games as well as the opportunity to create his own experiments. And choosing between earth gravity and moon gravity adds to the fun.

I haven't told Austin but I found the solutions for the puzzles given in this game here. He has been doing a great job of sticking with it and figuring out the answers for himself.

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