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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Homeschool Log Tuesday January 5, 2010

I think we found our rhythm again today. Things just seemed to go a lot more smoothly than yesterday.

Both Austin and Amanda worked on their Dance Mat Typing lessons. Austin also went to  Mr. Anker's Computation and did lesson number 5 on addition and then to Gamequarium and watched Adjectives for Armando (Part 4).

Amanda read chapter 1 from the Call of the Wild (Great Illustrated Classics) by Jack London. Austin spent about 10 minutes reading with me from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Great Illustrated Classics) by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Amanda did the Signs and Symbols worksheet from the Hayes Math Skills and Drills Addition workbook and the Direct Objects worksheet from her Language Arts workbook.

This afternoon we read Ecclesiastes chapters 8 - 10. Some of the imagery there gave them both the chuckles. We also read a chapter from Rilla of Ingleside.

Amanda said she wants to take a break this week from cooking but Austin is still enjoying time in the kitchen. This afternoon he made Spicy Chicken Wings and we had them for dinner. They were scrumptious. No leftovers.



Amanda published another post on her blog this afternoon. This one is about her pet rats. Austin worked on a post but did not quite get if finished, so he plans to finish it tomorrow.

TV today was mostly Disney although they did watch the last half of one episode of It's Me or the Dog on Animal Planet.

Amanda played a lot of Solitaire and Austin played a lot of Treasure Masters, Inc. and Deer Drive.

Austin played outside with two of his friends when they came over after school this afternoon.

Chores and helping with the daycare kids rounded out their day.

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