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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Homeschool Log 12/09/09

It's been a calm, rather quiet day.

The kids got their chores done this morning, took care of their pets (Amanda's pet rats and Austin's pet hermit crabs) and spent some time with the younger kids.

Austin spent some time on the computer playing Mahjong as well as some games from the Disney site. We were going to make candy cane cookies together today and then I discovered I was missing a key ingredient. Hopefully I remember it the next time I'm at the store so we can make them over the weekend.This afternoon he watched the Biography channel for about an hour. When his friend Zac got here after school they went outside and played tag hide-and-seek awhile. When they got tired of that they came in and played Go Fish.

Amanda finished book two in the Keystone Stables series by Marsha Hubler. The title of this one is "A True Test for Skye." The story is about a teenage girl in foster care. After a long struggle (book 1) she finds stability in a family of people who love her. In book 2 she helps another teenager allow herself to fill the love and support from her new family.

Austin, Amanda and Michael went with Doug to the Wednesday evening children's program at our church this evening. Austin and Michael love it, Amanda is more of a homebody and goes somewhat reluctantly, but I feel like the social interaction is good for her. She gets a lot of interaction with kids and adults of all ages and walks of life here, but sometimes it's good for her too also experience it away from home.

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