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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still on Christmas Break and Enjoying It

We have been so laid back and unfocused this holiday season. The kids are still spending a lot of time on their laptops. We are having trouble with the wireless internet that was installed yeseterday so they haven't been able to use that yet but are still enjoying the games.

Amanda used all of the free trial of Diner Dash that was on her computer and enjoyed it so much that I ordered the game for her from Amazon. It is not the type of game I would normally expect her to enjoy but she has spent hours on it. She likes the challenge of keeping all her customers fed and happy. I was surprised when the game was delivered yesterday. I ordered it Christmas day.

There is still snow on the ground and Amanda and her friend Holly spent hours outside. They found some ice to slide on as well and that kept them busy for a long time. It was so cold and windy I don't know how they stayed out there so long but they insisted they were warm enough and I'm glad to see them spend the time outside.

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