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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Homeschool Log Tuesday 12/15/09

The kids did not do any cooking today! Amanda said she wanted a break for a day from cooking. I'm not surprised, since she did so much cooking yesterday.

Austin finally completed this math lesson with an A+ today. It's a goal he's been working toward for the last two weeks. He was always able to complete it with an A but was not happy with that. For him it's often all or nothing. He also watched Adjectives for Armando (Part 3) on the Gamequarium site and did a Dance Mat Typing lesson. Well, he tried to do a Dance Mat Typing lesson. Both times he tried the computer froze up halfway through the lesson. When Amanda tried ten minutes later it worked fine and she was able to complete a lesson.

Both kids finished Oliver Twist today.They really enjoyed this book and since Austin and I read together I got to enjoy it as well. I don't think we'll start a new assigned reading book until after Christmas break.

Amanda completed a worksheet (adding decimals) from her math workbook and a worksheet (More Irregular Verbs) from her Language Arts workbook.

This afternoon we spent some time reading together. We read Ecclesiastes 1-3, and chapters 15 and 16 from Rilla of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery. We also read the section from our Life Science book titled "DNA is the Information Molecule."

We had a break from the recent cold weather today and both Austin and Amanda took the chance to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise. Austin and his friend Zac went out and played football for awhile when Zac got here after school. Amanda went out with some of the younger kids after lunch. It did her and them a lot of good to get some fresh air. And an added benefit (for me anyway) was how well they slept at naptime.

Now they are watching Serious Amazon on Discovery Kids. When that is over we will watch Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. It's our evening routine that we all three enjoy.

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